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A Beginner’s Guide to Kundalini Yoga- How to do and benefits

A Beginner’s Guide to Kundalini Yoga- How to do and benefits

Kundalini yoga is a different form of yoga than other types of yoga. It is one of the oldest, most powerful, and most fun styles of yoga.

It includes movement, meditation, breathing techniques, sometimes singing, and sometimes dancing. It works quickly and efficiently on the entire nervous system and creates a clear and strong foundation for what is to come. Just try it once and fall in love with yourself again.

It is not so much focused on the physical body but it uses the physical body to enter the energetic body, the subconscious mind. We move the body to create energy, and we use our breath. Our breath is the gateway between our physical body and energetic realms and through that combination, we open the subconscious mind, the place where all our memories are stored, our emotions that we haven’t processed yet.

We open the subconscious mind to clear it out and to invite LIGHTness, Joy, and Creativity…


“In Kundalini Yoga the most important thing is your experience.

It goes right to your heart. No words can replace your experience.”

– Yogi Bhajan


Hari om

– Harpreet Seva Kaur



If you are interested in learning the practice of Kundalini Yoga you are welcome to join us for a transformative Retreat in Nepal.

We will teach you through the Chakra system and give you the tools to develop strong self-practice. Nepal is a country of nature and the Himalayas will support us through the journey, whispering ancient wisdom through the wind, earth, and water. We will practice surrender, so our intuition will be open to receive the whispers of wisdom.

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