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Trekking the Wild Himalaya

Let the Mystery Approach You

This is a chance to come into
conversation with your wild self again.

How this retreat was born

There is a wilderness in every person,

We all have an instinctual capacity

It is the animal in us 

Who knows what and when to do, 

How to respond

Which way to go

Guiding us towards our YEEES

And away from our NO.

After a beautiful retreat that we created and held space for in October 2022 in the Himalayan Jungles we felt an immediate instinct that we would love to continue holding space and guiding people more in the Himalayan Nature. To continue on the same path, this time we  offer you even more majesty, allowing the mystery of mighty Himalayas to work upon us.


Join us for two weeks exploring the wild skirts of Mama Nepal.

We will start our journey together in beautiful Kathmandu.

During the 3 days in Kathmandu we will explore 

  • Beautiful streets and Temples
  • Pashupatinath Temple (Pashupatinath is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu, This temple represents an ancient Hindu concept that states that death should not be feared and sex should not be ridiculed. As a result, there is a ritual cremation ground extremely close to the temple, as well as sensual artworks on the temple’s roof.)
  • Swayambhunath Monkey Temple (This sacred pilgrimage site is also home to hundreds of monkeys considered holy to Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus)
  • Thamel is famous for its narrow alleys with various shops and street vendors lining in the streets, is knоwn аs оnе оf thе biggеst shоррing mаrkеts оf Каthmаndu сity
  • Durbar Square ( UNESCO World Heritage Site, an important site for Buddhist and Hindu rituals, holy ceremonies, royal events, and kingly coronations. All the carving and architecture in this area are exceptionally fine which make the architecture in this Hanuman-dhoka Durbar square among the most important sights for travellers to see)

And in the evening we will allow our body to properly land and receive the gifts of this land 

  • Traditional Tibetan Sound Healing
  • Massage 

From Kathmandu with our local guide we will start our trek to Mardi Himal 5,587 m

During the 5 day trek you will witness  

  • Spectacular views 
  • Authentic villages and wildlife
  • Stunning rhododendron forests 
  • You will get eye to eye with the giant peaks of Annapurna Mountain Range
  • We will connect with our breath, practice pranayam, strengthen and stretch our bodies along the path

We will all connect to nature and mountains in individual ways, 

and receive individual messages that Mama Himalaya whispered to us. 

We will support each other in taking in all the magic and with practice we will internalise and use this information from inside to transform and shed some layers which no longer serve.

In the last 5 days of our journey in Begnastal Jungle we will immerse in 

  • Beautiful green wild jungle
  • Wildlife and wise lake
  • Home grown food
  • And each other
  • Practising Kundalini and Hatha yoga
  • Cultivating strength, balance and stamina to bring with you for the rest of your life. 

You will learn methods and tools that will help you to cultivate and maintain 

  • Love
  • Purpose
  • Freedom
  • Discipline 

Your guides 

Your guidance through this sacred journey are two passionate yoginis, 

Rebekka Dahl Thomsen – Parvati Giri – The daughter of the Himalayas,

and her soul sister Harpreet Seva Kaur, vision seeker and a teacher

They met for the first time in this lifetime in their beloved Rishikesh, India, while both teaching on Biodynamic Kundalini TTC. This training has inspired them to unite their forces and start co-creating beautiful journeys that will touch your soul.

"Yoga and travelling have had a huge impact on our lives. It gave us stillness in the storms, freedom, joy, courage, strength, grace, fluidity, vision, compassion. Now we have a desire to offer you the same"


If your wild animal instinct is roaring YEES within you

make sure to secure your spot on time by paying 333 USD of deposit.

There are only 11 spaces available .

Full price is 1555 USD and includes 

  • Yoga

  • Trek

  • All activities

  • Transfers (since we meet in Kathmandu until this journey ends in Pokhara)

  • Vegetarian meals all along journey   

  • Shared accommodation

  • Guides 

  • 1 Tibetan Sound Healing Session

  • Luggage storage while trekking


Price does not include 


  • plane tickets and transport to the hotel (our retreat starts from once we meet in the hotel in Kathmandu (If you need assistance in booking transfer from the airport we are happy to assist you)

  • Travel insurance for the trek

  • If you need someone to carry your language during the 5 day hike this is an extra charge. 

  • 1 meal in Kathmandu lunch or dinner as you will have some free time too to explore market and nice little corners of Thamel

  • Hiking gear ( you can find it cheap in Thamel Market )


Write to us and we are happy to help you understand if this journey is for you.


No previous experience needed, 

this journey will meet you where you are if you allow it, 

come and receive what you need.



If you wish to join us only on one part of this journey please get in touch, 

we will try to accommodate it to your needs.


Let the mystery approach you!

Welcome to the journey ! 

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