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What are the 4 Purusharthas in Yoga?

What are the Purusharthas?

Purusharthas is a well known concept which holds that every human being has four proper goals that are necessary and sufficient for a fulfilling and happy life

[ Purusha = man(or person) and Artha=meaning(or aim/ambition)].


  • Kaama is pleasure, desire, passion, love, wish, emotions, affection

  • Artha is wealth, means of life, prosperity, activities and resources who enable one to be in a state one wants to be in.

  • Dharma is duty, service, moral values, righteousness, right way of living, laws.

  • Moksha is liberation, spiritual values.


Pleasure, desires and passion are very important because this is the part of us that makes us reproduce. They are also good because that is how growth happens, for example you remember from childhood, when you wanted to be able to do something, you will give this something your 100% attention, and work towards it with all you have. 

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  1. Embrace Dharma: A Deeper Sense of Duty

Dharma is defined as your responsibility to our family, spouse, children, friends, employers, pets, society, nation, country and humanity itself. It is a reminder that most of us are not solitary creatures and that we are bound by our relationships and our duties to each relationship.

Dharma, the cornerstone of our yoga teacher training in Nepal, our sacred duty and responsibility. It reminds us that we are bound by our commitments to family, friends, society, and humanity. Join us to explore how Dharma nurtures your relationships and connects you to a higher purpose.

  1. Discover Artha: A Holistic Pursuit of Wealth

To fulfil our Dharma to each of our relationships, we require wealth. Wealth is not only money but also other material things like property, food and personal possessions etc. The pursuit and generation of wealth keeps society stable.

Our yoga teacher training program recognizes that true wealth extends beyond the material. In the heart of Nepal’s awe-inspiring nature, we delve into the pursuit of holistic wealth, where prosperity includes spiritual and mental abundance. Here, you’ll uncover a society that thrives on interdependence and mutual well-being.

  1. Find Bliss in Kaama: Nurturing Your Body and Soul

Kaama is the pursuit of pleasures. Our body and mind has many needs, therefore, all activities that bring pleasure to the body are Kaama, from a simple act of applying oil to our hair to our intimate acts of love. Kaama binds us to our Dharma and our Artha more effectively.

In the lap of Nepal’s natural beauty, we encourage the pursuit of pleasure and well-being. From soothing meditation sessions to indulgent self-care rituals, we celebrate the art of Kaama. It’s about self-love and a deeper connection with those around you. Immerse yourself in practices that harmonise the senses, much like the sweet melodies of Nepal’s natural symphony

  1. Seek Moksha: Liberation of the Soul

Beyond physical desires, our yoga teacher training in Nepal delves into the quest for Moksha, the liberation of the soul. In the serene embrace of Nepal’s breathtaking landscapes, explore timeless practices, from scriptural wisdom to meditation and soul-enriching experiences. These paths guide you towards inner peace and eternal happiness, transcending the limitations of the body.

Join us in Nepal for a transformative journey that weaves together the essence of yoga, meditation, spirituality, and the beauty of Nepal’s nature. Our yoga teacher training program offers a unique opportunity to align with Dharma, unlock Artha, find bliss in Kaama, and embark on the sacred pursuit of Moksha.



According to the Vedas if we do not fulfil our Dharma, we will keep on rotating the circle of rebirth instead of reaching liberation. And liberation is our soul’s desire to reunite with the supreme energy.

Then we must remember that to complete our kama, arthas, dharma and moksha we need good health, and that Ayurveda can support us with. Yay for Ayurveda.

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